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A 63(?) bit unique identifier, based off the Snowflake spec. For detailed implemtnations, see Sony’s official open source repository here.


  • Bits: 63
  • Encoding: Denary/Decimal
  • Signature: None


0 - 16Machine IDA 16 bit integer, unique to the instance which generated this id
16 - 24SequenceAn 8 bit integer, incremented for every id that this host generates, 8 bits means 255 ids per machine ID, Kalavar increments both automatically to prevent collisions
24 - 63TimestampThe number of 10 millisecond intervals since the (pre-defined*) Epoch


*The Epoch used to generate the snowflake, can be set in the column configuration, or during the creation of the snowflake itself, either by the client library, or by the server